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What Jesus said in the Bible about children is essential, showing how a child’s purity and innocence are significantly valued.

Teresa Haven Pelinkski’s book Rockabye Jesus shows our Lord Jesus Christ in a caring, thoughtful, and loving light for kids. He is depicted in the book as someone who is looking over every child as they play. Thanks to the illustrations and promising message, those who read the book will find it beautiful, no matter their age.

Now, with that said, we are aware that our love for children can never compare to God’s. Jesus seeks to demonstrate his love for children everywhere and in every circumstance. We hope that Jesus will continue to guide us in every situation.

Let’s look at what the scripture says about children here today!

The Bible’s View On Children Will Be Seen Here

There are a set of Bible scriptures regarding children as a blessing in our lives. God expects us to interact with and regard children were put together to help you connect with God’s heart for children.

Particular Bible Verses that Talk About Kids Being Blessings

Various scriptures in the Bible speak to the importance of children in God’s purpose. On multiple occasions in the Bible, Jesus is described as taking kids in His arms. What Jesus said in the Bible has been written, and by demonstrating to a child that they are valuable to God and us, we can imitate Jesus.

• There was a time when people brought young children to Jesus so that he may pray over them and put his hands on them. The disciples, however, scolded them.

When Jesus put his hands on them, he said, in Matthew 19: 13 – 14, the scripture says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Rockabye Jesus shows our Lord’s love for children via illustrations and stories. Author Teresa Haven Pelinski has done an excellent job of showcasing Jesus Christ’s care for kids.

Not only that, but it also shows how Jesus assures every child that all their prayers will be answered. Under his commitment to them, he consoles them, discusses his tales with them, and responds to their petitions.

Jesus Wants us to Protect Kids Showing the Bible’s Value of Children

God’s word is in the Bible, and many contain talks about protecting kids from harm. Jesus implores us to care for children rather than dismiss them as unimportant. Children are precious to God!

Children frequently experience mistreatment, abandonment, and neglect in various cultures worldwide. They undergo trafficking as slaves to labor in appalling conditions or sold into the sex business for profit.

God is always looking out for the weakest members of society, especially the outcasts who people frequently abuse. James encourages us to imitate God’s example, who declares He is their protection.

God Wants Us to Teach Children and to Lead by Example

God commands us to value imparting children a knowledge and love of Him. The chance to explain to a youngster that God criticizes us since He adores us and that we, as parents, do the same for our kids arises during times of discipline.

God wants parents to pass on their wisdom to their offspring by teaching them about Him. God expressly told the Israelites to pass along everything He accomplished for them to their offspring. He desires that the most significant legacy—divine knowledge—is coming to the future generations.

When parents fall short of this vital task, society rapidly deteriorates. One of the reasons the Bible has so many verses regarding training children is because of this.

Every Child is God’s Gift

Kids are a gift from God, who also created the family unit. In reality, the Bible declares that children are God’s reward. God is concerned with the upbringing and nurturing of children because of this.

God gave us children as a gift. And in Teresa Haven Pelinski‘s book Rockabye Jesus, the author shows how much Jesus values every young one in the world. We must treat them with love, care, and teach them good things under God’s guidance.

It’s clear what Jesus said in the Bible about children; we should do our best to care for them. To learn more about God’s love for His children, purchase Teresa Haven Pelinski’s book by clicking here!

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