Teresa Haven Pelinski

Teresa Haven Pelinski

Teresa Haven Baltzegar Pelinski was born on August 23, 1960, in Orangeburg, South Carolina, to Jefferson D. Baltzegar and Lucretia K. Baltzegar. She retired from the state government in 2007 after twenty-nine years of service and is now living in Gilbert, South Carolina. She is married to John J. Pelinski. She has one child of her own, four stepchildren, and eight stepgrandchildren. She began singing in church as a child.

She is a singer-songwriter who is currently recording her first album for release in 2022. She began her own ministry in 2006, which is called “DON’TCHA KNOW? You are a Child of the Most-High God!”. Her ministry is about visiting, praying, and singing for the sick and others that need encouragement in their lives. She is a prayer warrior, and her faith in Jesus Christ got her through depression and worries as a child. Her faith is strong, and she knows Jesus has been with her every moment of her life. She enjoys painting and crafting in her leisure time.

America Tonight: Teresa Haven Pelinski, “Rockabye Jesus”

There’s a message of hope being shared on a recent episode of America Tonight with Kate Delaney, in which Christian author Teresa Haven Pelinski discussed her book, Rockabye Jesus. It’s a book that’s meant to encourage both parents and children about how real Jesus is in their lives and how they can always turn to Him. More than that, she talked about what drives her to spread such a message and why it is badly needed today.

A Lullaby-Turned-Book-Idea

As a woman of God, Teresa credits the Almighty for giving her the idea for the book. It happened long ago when her daughter was still a toddler. She was rocking her little girl to sleep with a lullaby when the words of “Rockabye Baby” soon became the words of Rockabye Jesus.

Despite all the tiredness from the day, the words just kept on flowing through her. Even when she felt sleep drawing over her and made her feel very tempted to wait until morning to write words down, something else pulled her to do it at that very moment. In her heart, Teresa strongly felt that this was God telling her that it really had to be penned right then and there, so she did. 20 years later, she had rediscovered the notes where she wrote the words down and knew that it was time to finally do something with them.

Sharing the Hope of Jesus with The World

As Teresa was arranging to turn the lyrics into a book, she already saw plenty of signs in the world today about how its message was sorely needed.

In her eyes, many people have lost hope and the belief that Jesus is real and that He’s still there. That was why, when thinking of the illustrations to use in the book, she was set on an image of Jesus on a white cloud overlooking a playground with children.

It’s an image that best expresses the whole point of her book. It means that Jesus is always there and that people need only come to Him to find hope.

A Hope Carried Since Childhood

Teresa’s message is something that she has carried all the way since she was a little girl. In sharp contrast to the world today, Teresa was able to overcome childhood depression and adversity through her faith.

She credits God for her moments of courage during those troubling times in her young life. It didn’t matter if she didn’t quite understand the problems she faced. It was enough that she had prayed and had seen answers to her prayers. God was a real presence for her during those tough times, giving her the strength to let go of emotions and thoughts that denied her peace and happiness.

Sharing The Strength of Faith With Others

Of course, Teresa believes that she still has much more to give even as she sets about publishing new children’s books about Jesus. She remains very active in ministry work, particularly in supporting and cheering up the elderly.

One of the areas she is very passionate about is the way families should be treating members who are terminally ill or are struggling with very old age. Oftentimes, they see families simply resigning themselves to the predicament instead of being voices of encouragement for these ailing members.

Thus, she strives to turn this around and motivate members of her community to not give up despite all the bleak possibilities facing them. And in her experience, sparking that will to live has done more to invigorate people who would have otherwise signaled their bodies to just wither away.

Because just as Jesus was there to encourage her, she feels called to do the same for others.

You can check out the full interview over at the ReadersMagnet YouTube Channel.

Rockabye Jesus by Teresa Haven Pelinski is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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