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Jesus Christ’s teachings emphasized love, compassion, and service to others. It is evident in how He helped others and spread the word of God to people across the nation. 

These timeless lessons are not only applicable to adults. Still, they are also invaluable in shaping the character and values of children. Introducing them to Jesus’ teachings on loving and serving others inspires them to pay it forward and do the same. Ultimately, such acts make a positive difference in the world around them.

As we raise our children to be more like Christ, we will eventually see the fruit of their Christlikeness. Their innate faith as children is admirable, especially when they learn to talk to God. When they experience the power of prayer, our parents are doing it right to bring them closer to God.

Moreover, our responsibility to teach our kids how to love and serve others doesn’t stop there. Books like Rockabye Jesus by Teresa Haven Pelinski can be an excellent foundation to build our children into Christ’s image. Pelinski wrote this book to share Christ’s love for His children, especially those who have yet to explore life.

So, how did Jesus teach children to love and serve others?

The Greatest Commandments

Jesus said the greatest command is to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds. It also includes loving our neighbors as ourselves. Children can understand these concepts, but we can also imbue them in other ways. For example, we can guide them on how they can love and serve others, leading them to a ministry life as they grow.

Our children can show love and kindness to their family, friends, and strangers. It may be their natural innocence or naivety. Either way, our kids mirror such behavior from whoever they see, especially parents. Our first job is to be an exemplary model, showing that we are to love and serve others just like Jesus did. We can even encourage them to consider other acts of kindness, such as sharing, listening, comforting, and helping others in need.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The story of the good Samaritan teaches children the importance of showing compassion. It’s a tale Jesus used to emphasize that to love and serve others shouldn’t be discriminatory. And that doing so should genuinely come from a place of heartfelt compassion.

Tell your children that the parable’s moral lessons should reflect on their daily lives, especially when they encounter situations that present a chance to help others. Encourage them to act kindly towards their classmates, siblings, and those who may be overlooked or bullied. Moreover, the good Samaritan in the parable stood out for not hesitating to help and did not even think about what he could get from helping the wounded man. Our children should have the mindset of taking action when it’s about compassion and have a sense of selflessness when necessary.

Jesus’ Servant Leadership as The Best Example

Jesus’ life exemplified the core of servant leadership as He washed His disciples’ feet. Moreover, He prioritized the needs of others over Himself by feeding more than 5000 people with fish and loaves of bread. As we guide our children towards Christlikeness, we can use Jesus as an avenue for kids to strengthen their faith and understanding, especially when it concerns loving and serving others.

The humility and selflessness that Jesus displayed may inspire children to love and serve others daily. You can accompany them to intentional acts of kindness like community service projects. Another avenue for your child to try out servant leadership is volunteering at local charities. However, the best way to love and serve others in terms of servant leadership is to engage in small acts of kindness within their families, peers, and communities.

Furthermore, Christ’s teachings on servant leadership are not just theoretical lessons. They were lived truths clearly seen during His life here on Earth. Let’s impart the life that Jesus led to our kids and help them identify specific instances where He demonstrated love and service. By understanding Jesus’ actions, children can better comprehend the practical application of what He teaches.

Jesus’ Lessons on Forgiveness

Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness go hand in hand with the willingness to love and serve others. It’s important to teach children about the impact of forgiveness and treating others with grace and compassion. Just as Jesus forgave our sins, so should we extend the same to others. Imparting such crucial values to our kids will help them become the best examples of loving and serving others.

Help them understand that forgiving others pleases God, even though they do not receive the same back. When our kids know that the forgiveness Jesus freely gives should be customary, they realize it will always be the best choice.

To Love and Serve Others Just as Christ Did

Teaching children about Jesus’s lessons on loving and serving others provides a strong foundation for their moral and spiritual development. By instilling values of compassion, empathy, and kindness, we equip our kids to become people of character. As parents, we must guide them in imitating Jesus’ example of selflessly loving and serving others. As a result, we nurture a generation that embraces the value of love, compassion, and service.

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