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As we spend our lives trying to understand Jesus’ teachings, an unexpected parallel asks: What makes Jesus and children similar?

Although seemingly distinct, Jesus and children share remarkable similarities that might even amaze us. One of the best ways to start learning is to read the book Rockabye Jesus to your child. Sharing who Jesus is will help them realize who He is in their lives early on.

Jesus emphasized the importance of humility and childlike innocence. Similarly, some children have that innate trait that allows them to approach the world with genuine awe and raw wonder. Moreover, being kids means they haven’t been burdened by so much pride and ego. A child’s personality and curiosity give them more room to grow without hesitation.

How Jesus Relates Himself to Children

People typically think that Jesus allowed children to approach Him simply because of their innocence. They also believe that children can do no wrong in many people’s eyes.

However, Jesus Christ displayed a profound and unique connection with children throughout his teachings and interactions. His attitude towards them serves as an example of love, compassion, and faithfulness. He placed a lot of value on their faith, which became a clear lesson to us grownups on how we can be part of God’s kingdom.

Being Warm and Welcoming

Jesus warmly welcomed children into His presence, contrary to the cultural norms of His time. More often than not, children were marginalized and turned away for being ignorant. However, Jesus recognized their inherent worth and blessed them, regardless of age. Moreover, he sees them as individuals who hold a special place in the kingdom of God. His welcoming nature inspires us to embrace and value children and see how they can teach us to be better people.

Having Faith and Simply Believing

In this manner, Jesus encouraged His followers to have childlike faith, simply trusting in God. He wants us to be humble and have an open heart, which children perfectly exemplify. Because Jesus recognized that children are naturally reliant and would believe easily, He urges us to do the same with God. It means having the same unwavering faith as these kids will take us to many places. That same simplicity in perspective allows us to experience the fullness of God’s love and grace, which He invites us to live through.

Encouraging Childlike Faith

Children look at the world eager to explore, question, and seek answers to things they want to understand. This is why Jesus encouraged His followers to have that same childlike faith and to ask, seek, knock. Like children, Jesus wants us to continue and grow in our walk with God.

Children are still naturally receptive even though they’re quick to believe anything the adults say. They are also accepting of things that are there in front of them. What makes childlike faith unique is how it’s not hindered by skepticism, which Jesus would like to teach us about trusting Him. He also taught that those who have the faith of a child are blessed, for they are open to receiving the truth. And because it comes from God’s message, Jesus wants us to have that same reciprocity. Especially when trusting and holding on to the promises and teachings of God without hesitation.

Extending Care and Compassion to Others

In the entire duration of Jesus’ ministry here on earth, He consistently demonstrated what it means to have compassion. His work was marked by His willingness to help and serve others selflessly. Healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and embracing the outcasts of society are just some of the things Jesus did. Similarly, children are also sensitive to the emotions and needs of others. They can act on empathy, comforting and supporting their peers. Because of their deep understanding of the hurt and distress of others, they quickly take action. Such an act serves as a powerful example for us adults to follow.

Final Thoughts

Jesus and children display similar traits that some of us fail to see. This is not only because of the generational gap between the two but also because of our preconceived notions of children. Their unconditional love, sensitivity to others, and willingness to help.

Observing and learning from Jesus and children inspires us to bear a heart that overflows with love. Their similarities open us to the realization that Jesus and children are similar in some ways. Even we grownups can pick up a thing or two from them.

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