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A lot of people would think that anyone wouldn’t have any reason to love kids nowadays, but the reasons why Jesus loves children might change your mind.

Teresa Haven Pelinski, author of “Rockabye Jesus,” knows Jesus’ love for children. Jesus even said in the bible, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” It’s a story of Jesus and children interacting with each other.

But what could be the possible reasons why Jesus Christ loves kids? Let’s go ahead and examine.

Reason #1: Jesus is Aware of the State of a Child’s Heart

Speaking about spiritual standing, only Jesus is genuinely aware of the state of everyone’s heart, including today’s youth. The Lord does not view things in the same manner that you do. People make quick judgments based on looks, but the Lord considers the heart.

We frequently make fast decisions depending on the person’s appearance in front of us. We evaluate people based on their attitudes, piercings, dress, and hair. The passage from Samuel says that it’s human, yet our human perspective is constrained.

The innermost parts of a young individual’s heart are rarely seen, yet Jesus’ love and laser vision pierce through the occasionally unlovable exterior of today’s youth. He knows their experiences, ideas, suffering, hopes, uncertainties, and dreams. Shouldn’t we let Him make the decision?

Reason #2: Jesus Christ Knows the Future of Children

Jesus sees the future, whereas we only know the present, and it’s one of the reasons Jesus loves kids. Christ, the son of God—Alpha and Omega—is aware of the past, present, and future. He has already recorded the lives of today’s children along with the Creator.

Christ truly has a fantastic idea for the future. He can see children even before they are born. The life of kids has been recorded in the Book of Life. Every moment has already been laid out even before a single day has passed.

Aside from that, Jesus sees the future of our lives as the reality we live in today. There’s no doubt that everything Jesus sees will eventually come to pass. We can rest assured that Jesus’ love for our coming grandchildren will be abundant, as he did for us.

Teresa Haven Pelinski can showcase the reasons why Jesus loves children in her book “Rockabye Jesus,” a story of Jesus and children building a close bond with each other.

Reason #3: Children Nowadays are Lost

Our world today lures kids to evil by making it look good. Lies are constantly being thrown at them daily, and they receive them through different channels. News, education, friends, and entertainment are some examples that come to mind.

Plenty of youngsters don’t know about God and His goodness. A study by Pew Research Center done in 2018 showed that younger adults (aged below) are less likely to believe that God or any higher power exists. These people are raising today’s youth. It’s understandable why so many children nowadays are uncertain about God.

Jesus’ love for every kid is motivated by His compassion, including those ignorant of Him. He came to earth from His throne in heaven to seek and save the lost.

Reason #4: Youngsters Today Are Being Preyed Upon

Our kids are the prey. Satan acts as the predator. We can compare Satan to a roaring, ravenous lion. Watch out!

Keep an eye out for the devil, your greatest opponent. He stalks the area like a roaring leopard in search of prey. Nobody is more familiar with Satan’s plans than Jesus. Kids are unable to see the truth of God because of Satan. He wants to keep our kids walking in the dark.

Jesus’ light patiently illuminates children nowadays whose hearts have not yet sought Jesus. When a child decides to follow God, Satan preys on them even more. He wants to stifle the development of their fledgling religion.

Reason #5: Jesus’ Love Knows No Bounds

Last but not least, Jesus’ love for humanity knows no bounds. He doesn’t love you for your age, merit, courage, wisdom, etc. Christ offers his love to us simply for who we are and for the reason that God created us. Jesus Christ loves all of us, and that includes kids who are brimming with innocence and purity.

Now that you know the reasons why Jesus loves children, it’s time to read a story of Jesus and children that shows how Christ watches children play with glee, hears their prayers with seriousness, and heals them.

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