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Family is where someone first belongs when they enter the world. Each family member has a bond of their own, but the bond between mother and daughter is none like the other, which is why it is vital that as a mother, you must become closer to your daughter.

In a person’s life, the relationship that they have towards their family holds a large impact on their whole well-being. As a person grows and develops over the years, the people that are constantly around them can affect their whole person: from their personality to their mindset and even their goals in their lifetime.

“Jensen’s Lullaby” is the best lullaby book for children, and author Teresa Haven Pelinski writes such beautiful literary work for her beloved daughter. The book shares with readers that her daughter is an angel sent from heaven by God.

As children step into their everyday ventures in their journey to growing up, they need proper guidance from the grown-ups that surround them, which is why you, the mother, should become closer to your daughter. It is not only guidance but also nurturing love from parents and the rest of their family members, whether it be their grandparents, aunts, and/or uncles, and more.

In these modern times, where parents are off trying to catch up to the hustle and bustle of life so that they can provide for their children, bonding has become a great challenge, a priceless treasure that can never be replaced with anything in this world once achieved. The majority of parents who experience similar situations are the mothers, who have to do it all: from working hard to earn a living to maintaining the cleanliness or good state of the house, down to preparing meals and taking care of their children and even their partners.

Such is the life of a mother, yet there is a unique joy and connection between a mother and her daughter. They say that there are numerous love languages, and it is not limited to romantic love, it can be applied to all forms of love in a person’s life: from friends to pets to the most important people in someone’s life: their family.

It’s time for mothers to sit back and give themselves time to ponder about where they stand in their daughter’s life. Being physically present is only the tip of the iceberg! With that, here are a few ways mothers can become closer than ever with their beloved daughters:

Hold the most important key of all: Communication.

To create a better, if not the strongest, bond, knowing how to communicate with one another is a large factor. Make sure that your daughter knows that they can approach you about anything at all, especially in times of trouble, and that you are not just their parent but a friend indeed.

Engage in their interests.

As your little one continues to find themselves, more specifically with their likes and dislikes, such moments are an excellent way to spend time with them! Whether it be baking cookies, painting the sunset, or playing the guitar, showing support in their endeavors is a great contribution to their growth. Make sure to also balance out prayer and play in their daily activities!

Set a schedule especially just for them.

Free time is hard to come by, but before you know it, children have become teenagers or adults in the blink of an eye. Don’t miss an opportunity to make time just for both mother and daughter and make sure it is 100% quality time (no phones and any other distractions).

Come up with a routine – and stick to it.

Children thrive when it comes to routines, and your daughter is no exception. Mothers can always start with simple things such as making sure to always eat breakfast together and singing them a sweet lullaby as they fall asleep.

Be there for them, especially when they need it most.

Nothing can ever beat the living presence and guidance of a parent. When your daughter is about to perform on stage or they are struggling with homework, be ready to lend a helping hand and a listening ear at times!

Be a patient and graceful patient.

From the moment your little one, your daughter, is born, you start to build a bond with them. Not only tell them but tirelessly show them with the highest efforts, as they deserve nothing but the best.

Building a better bond between mother and daughter takes time, effort, and a whole lot of love. So order “Jensen’s Lullaby” and take that step toward becoming closer than ever to your beloved daughter!

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